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Workplace instruction is a necessary and clearly defined document which is an important element of the proper operation system.
Labour law imposes on employers the obligation to provide employees with up-to-date OHS instructions on among others threats to the health of employees at work, accident risks, rescue.

On its basis, employees should become acquainted with the rules of conduct in emergency situations that may occur in the work process.
The specificity of work at a height entails high risks which are possible to reduce, among others, through the development of procedures of conduct specific to the facility on which the work is performed. It is also necessary to remember that only the instructions written by specialists are able to provide adequate safety for workers and employers the certainty that the instruction in their workplace meets the appropriate standards. Thinking about complying with OHS regulations, the instruction of work at a height must be properly adapted to the workplace, facility or technological process, and should be guided by the priority action in this direction.
We offer creation of documents on occupational safety such as:

  • workplace instructions
  • guidelines for work at heights
  • rescue procedures
  • technological cards

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