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In order to meet the increasing number of inquiries on individual design solutions from customers, we offer performance of non-standard structures  protecting against falls from a height.

We have a team of experienced employees and technical facilities enabling the design and execution of non-standard construction elements which are components of systems protecting against falls. We adjust solutions to the existing technical and organisational conditions so that they fulfil their tasks optimally.

Based on our documentation, taking account of the technical conditions of operation or using the customer's technical documentation, we are trying to make constructions that meet specific requirements. We have experience in innovative projects that we have successfully implemented in many workplaces at risk of falling from a height.

We offer you, among others, fall protection solutions in places such as: railway fronts, unloading of cistern cars, plants repairing railway and tram rolling stock, bus services, crane loading and many similar.

We guarantee products that can be specified with such features as: the highest quality of performance, long service life, the price corresponding to the product value.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our gallery.

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