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We run the business  in a way consistent with expectations of our Customers, in compliance with high safety standards, and the motto of our activity is improvement of Customer service, the highest quality and timeliness of the work performed.

Within the operation of the Integrated Quality Management, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety we commit ourselves to:

  • implementation of the principle of continuous improvement,
  • provision of services in the field of protection against falling from a height,
  • improvement and development of the technical infrastructure in order to ensure quality of services,
  • taking actions to prevent pollution of the environment,
  • removing threats, prevention of accidents at work, near-misses accidents and occupational diseases,
  • striving for continuous improvement of the condition of occupational health and safety,
  • informing the interested parties about our activities promoting quality, environmental protection and safety,
  • systematic improvement of qualifications of our Company employees in order to provide deliberate and responsible action to improve quality and safety of services provided in accordance with OHS and environmental protection regulations.

We strive to increase the Company's value through the rational use of the knowledge of our employees and resources, and acting in accordance with the binding law we keep these principles in all areas of our operation.

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