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Welcome to the designer zone!

Here you will find all the information needed for proper design of systems preventing from falls from a height. The section has been divided into several sub-categories including among others, design guidelines, technical data sheets, videos and photos.

Fixed fall protection systems and facade access systems are a very effective form of protecting a worker against falls from a height. In modern construction they have become a standard for easy operation and are taken into account already at the facility planning stage. Following the high safety standards, fixed fall protection systems are mounted in many existing buildings or technical installations.

We offer professional fall protection systems and facade  access systems starting from their optimal choice to the design and installation. With our extensive experience we are able to design and product virtually any type of fixed fall protection system on any facility on the basis of a wide range of our protections. This allows us to choose such technical solutions which include, among others, architecture of the building, type of use of the system, number of users keeping the highest safety guarantees. All our products are approved for use in the European Union and meet all safety standards.

We invite offices involved in the design of constructions, buildings and technological installations for the partnership.
If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact our design department:, tel: +48 696 357 439


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