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Safety audits offered by ACCEN aim to verify whether the minimum requirements of the Polish Law in the field of operational safety at a height are met. They are based on the applicable regulations and international standards designated in this regard. Safety audits of work at a height conducted by ACCEN consist of several stages. The first stage is to prepare a precise plan and a scope of the audit along with the schedule of activities. In the second stage, there is becoming acquainted with the Enterprise - a review of the organisation and working conditions at workplaces where there is a risk of falling from a height.

Verification whether the minimum technical requirements of the  building infrastructure on/ in which the work at heights is performed, are met. Random observation of the work process at different workplaces - verification whether employees respect the rules on the protection of health and life when performing official duties. A review of documentation related to occupational health and safety including OHS periodic training, work at height trainings, medical examinations, etc. Verification of personal protective equipment against falls from a height in terms of their efficiency and up-to-date periodical inspections. Determination of the effectiveness of the collective protection measures.

The third stage is to develop a summary of the visit - the report of activities conducted together with an indication of areas where safety requirements are not met. Offering optimal solutions protecting employees during work performed. Providing the report to the customer.

The final stage is to prepare a summary of the audit and to present the summary report indicating the main areas where  corrective actions are necessary in the first place.

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